Men’s Accessories Rings Buying Guide 2021

Right from time, men have worn rings to signify many things. From marital status, club associations, privileges, and wealth – rings embody it all. Today, rings, in addition to all these also signify style and a modern fashion sense. 

In case you’re still wondering, there doesn’t have to be a clear-cut reason for buying a man’s ring. So don’t be boxed. The fact that it looks great and you like it is reason enough. Wearing a ring or a couple of rings can help complete an outfit. It could also help boost your fashion street cred. 

Despite their allure, buying men’s fashion rings can feel a bit overwhelming. Between the different price points you’ll encounter and all the industry jargon relating to metal types, caratage or karatage (depending on the type of metal), things can get confusing. 

If you’re cool with men’s fashion rings but wondering how to go about buying, you have no worries. In this article, you’ll learn all there is to know about buying men’s rings in 2021 and what to look out for. Let’s start with the basics!

Types of Men’s Accessories Rings 

Rings, like any other fashion statements, come in various types and styles, such as signet rings, rings for your little finger or rings for your thumb. Here’s a bit of a primer on each of these types of rings. 

  • Signet Rings: Signet rings exude an old school charm. As the name suggests, these rings usually have a sign or symbol engraved on their face. This may be a family crest, the motif of a club, college or other organization. For those of us who don’t come from good stock, there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own sign or symbol. It can be anything, including the logo of your favorite football team. Signet rings are generally made of gold and worn on your pinky (little) finger or index finger of either hand. 
  • Pinky Rings: Pinky rings are worn on the little finger of either hand. Signet rings are usually worn on this finger but not necessarily. It could just be a fashion ring that announces your style. These rings are small and you hardly even notice they are there. But other people do, which is why much thought should be put into picking men’s fashion rings. 
  • Thumb Rings: If you do not want your hand to feel burdened by jewelry, you should go for thumb rings. There’s lots of space on your thumb to accommodate large and flashy rings, if you choose to go that way. Regardless of what material your thumb ring is made of, you can be sure it will get noticed. 

Which Ring to Which Finger

There are no rules that dictate which ring you should wear on which finger. You are free to wear whatever ring you please on any finger. Although there are general expectations, few of them are valid and others are well, not so valid. Let’s analyze.

  • The Thumb: Thumb rings are just beginning to grow in popularity and with little traditional or historical importance. Like we’ve said earlier, thumb rings are the best if you do not want your fingers to feel crowded.
  • The Index Finger: Most of the time we point with our index finger. If you want your ring to be noticed, put it on your index finger and start pointing. You could also wear a signet ring on your index finger, it announces itself. 
  • The Middle Finger: You can wear any type of ring you choose on your middle finger. It has no historical or traditional importance whatsoever; you can wear it because it looks good. However, if you decide to wear a large ring on this finger, it may feel uncomfortable and interfere with your index and ring finger.
  • The Ring Finger: This is the finger you are expected to wear a wedding ring on, especially on the left hand. But there are no guiding rules. You can wear a fashion ring on this finger, but people will assume you are married.
  • The Pinky: This finger was historically reserved for signet rings. It was used to sign legal documents by creating a seal. However, nobody does that anymore. You can wear any ring you choose. 

Buying a Man’s Accessories Ring

Deciding which ring to buy begins with knowing what you want. There are so many options but having an idea of what you want, helps you sift through the various options. 

While rings are generally affordable, they still cost a chunk of money you don’t want to spend on something you don’t like. So, if you are going to be putting down your money, it should be for something you absolutely want and like. Here are some steps to take before buying a ring.

Step 1 – Know the kind of ring you want

This is the first thing you need to settle. Buying men’s fashion rings is beyond just buying a ring. What role do you want the ring to fulfil? Do you want something big and bold? Something subtle, elegant, dramatic? You also need to consider flexibility, will the ring complement most of your outfits? Do you want a single ring to go with one outfit? Or a single ring to go with all of your outfits? While that is a bit of a gray area, you can find ways to make it work. The most important thing is knowing what kind of ring you want and choosing something flexible.

Step 2 – Determine the size of ring you want

This includes your band size which affects which finger the ring fits on, and the cross-sectional width of the ring which determines how chunky it would look on your hand. Knowing your band size is pretty easy, all you have to know is which finger you want to put the ring on. Click here for directions on how to measure your finger. Ensure that you have accurate numbers in measurement so you don’t have to deal with getting bands adjusted. 

Wide rings with long cross-section are usually seen as being manly but they may look a bit too loud. You generally want at least a millimeter or two between the top edge of the ring and the knuckle above it. Once you are within that range, you can now choose between a big bold ring or a slender, subtle one. 

Step 3 – Choose your materials

At this juncture, things can get even more complicated as there’s a ton of options to choose from. There are three most sought-after choices which are gold, silver and platinum. If you are not interested in any of these three, you could speak with a jeweler for other options.

If you decide to go for gold, there are three shades of gold. Gold, white gold and rose gold. Pure gold is yellowish, white gold is mixed white metal like nickel that gives it a silver tone and rose gold is mixed with copper for a reddish tinge. 

If you decide to go for silver, you should know that some silver jewelry may cost more than gold depending on the quality of the silver or the gold in question. Sterling silver is what is commonly used in making jewelry and it usually contains copper which gives it strength without reducing its shine. Pure silver on its own would scratch and dent very easily. 

Platinum rings are said to be the most ideal for men because they are durable. They are more valuable in weight and, therefore, more expensive. 

Step 4 – Consider your budget 

This is the last thing because it really is the least important.  Once you have chosen a ring that is perfect for you, you can make the prices happen. Even though you might have to compromise here and there, you’d know that you are making the sacrifice on something that is truly perfect for you.

Buying a ring is a deliberate process, you have to tick off all the boxes to end up with an accessory that is utterly and completely you. If you are not convinced, walk away, there will be other purchases. 

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