How to Choose Silver Cuban Chains for Men in 2021?

When you want to stand out from the crowd and turn heads with your outfit, you simply cannot go wrong with men’s Cuban chains. With their thick flat laying interlocking links, these chains make for the perfect attention-grabber when you’re looking for a statement piece. 

But while we all know and love Cuban chains, the task of picking the perfect chain does not get any easier. Considering that there’s a lot to think about in terms of the kind of metal, the width of the chain, the perfect length for you and much more, picking the right piece can get tricky. 

We know how it works, that’s why we’ve created this guide to help you learn how to look and what to look out for. Thinking about shopping for a new silver Cuban chain for your wardrobe? Here’s all you should know. 

Start with your preferences

Buying a silver Cuban chain is as much about what tickles your fancy as it is about the quality of your piece or what men’s fashion dictates. That’s why no respectable 2021 guide to choosing silver Cuban chains can be complete without a “what’s your preference?” section. 

The first thing you should know is Cuban chains have been around a long while – at least since the hip hoppy 70s/80s. They’ve had a lot of time to evolve since then, creating sort of different styles that you can try out. 

The traditional Cuban chain style is the Oval style. Here, the chain is made up of thick, oval links that can be done with any number of style embellishments. Some may have one side of the oval link thicker than the other, but you can usually tell what style is traditional – it looks almost like a chain of circular links. You’ll often hear this style referred to as the Miami Cuban link chain. 

The modern style is a bit different though. Its links are more Hexagonal or Rhombus-shaped. They look essentially like a chain of slightly skewed rectangles. Either style is perfectly fine, especially in silver. But you should know what you’re gunning for. 

Next thing to think about is the finish on the chain. No matter what style you’re looking for, it’s important to get this out the way first. Some chains have a rough finish that might end up chafing the skin around your neck. If this is something you’re not comfortable with, start to eliminate the options with this. 

Finally, the last preliminary you should take care of relates to how you intend to wear the chain. Do you want to find a single statement piece that will hang around your neck in all its isolated glory? Or are you looking for pieces of varying length or width that you can stack up in a magnificent layer? 

Now we’re done considering these, it’s time to get right into the thick of it. Here’s your step by step guide to silver Cuban chains in 2020. 

Steps to picking the right piece 

The preliminaries we’ve identified will let you focus right on the best options for you without taking too much time. With the steps below, you can then take a finer inquiry as to the quality, length and suitability of the piece. Let’s get in!

First, check the metal 

Since this guide is about silver Cuban chains, there’s no better place to start than with picking the right metal. Silver is a great metal for chains, because it’s durable, carries a mean sheen and goes with pretty much anything. But while some chains may be pure silver, others are alloys of silver, and a good number may be silver plated. We’ll explain. 

Pure silver chains are, obviously, made entirely out of silver. They are often the most expensive silver Cubans, except for those with embellishments. Alloys of silver and silver plated chains are more budget-friendly. An alloy of silver is silver, mixed in with some other metals, such as nickel, copper or palladium. Silver plated chains are usually made of another metal, with the outside brushed with silver. 

Decide which you’re most comfortable with. Although, to be fair, it can be hard to tell the difference between all of these. When you’re buying from quality jewelers, you can be certain that your chain will be high quality. So, make this pick with an open mind.

Embellishments or no?

Many chains come with a bit of embellishment like tiny diamond crusts or whatever catches your fancy. Decide if you would like a bit of embellishment and then pick what you’ll prefer. Some want their Cubans big, bare and bold. If you’re this way, you’ll be looking less at the diamonds, and more at the width. 

Pick the right width 

In Cuban chains, width is mostly a style choice that depends on whether you want to wear your chain alone or with an accessory. For chains that are meant to be worn alone, you’re better off picking something with some width on it. 18 mm and 19 mm are popular choices for Cuban chains that can run your wardrobe on their own. 

If you’re thinking of pairing it with an accessary, such as a pendant, you may need to go thinner. But you should first consider the size of your accessory before making a choice on width. It wouldn’t do to have a really thin cross on a really wide Cuban. A common size for accessories is 12 mm. 

Check for weight 

If you’ve got the neck to carry them, Cuban chains may actually feel better the heavier they get. A 19mm can weigh between 120 grams and 200 grams. And when we’re talking sterling silver, it can weigh even more, as much as 300+ grams. 

If you prefer something lighter, again, a 12 mm might be right for you. The weight of the 12 mm comes in at around the 95 to 145-gram mark. Be certain to pick the right weight for you so your piece doesn’t feel uncomfortably heavy every time you wear it.

Length is key 

Length is mostly about personal style. Some prefer their Cuban silver short, almost choker style. Some prefer something longer, while there are many that find their preference somewhere in the middle. 

16 to 18 inches is generally known as the choker length. If you want a close fit that accentuates your neck muscles, this is a great length to go for. But you can go longer, up to 22 inches, if you want it hanging low and bold. 

Nickel or no nickel?

As we mentioned earlier, silver can often have alloys added into it. This can be done to achieve different ends such as strengthen the metal or add a different quality into it. But some people have allergic reactions to nickel when it stays on their skin. So you want to be careful with this one. 

If you have noticed that you have reactions to necklaces or chains from time to time, you should avoid nickel. 

Tie it all together with the perfect clasp 

Finally, pick a chain with a clasp that’s easy for you and won’t give you any trouble when wearing or taking off your piece. Some of the common clasp types include the lobster claw, spring ring, barrel, fish hook and magnetic clasp. 

Lobster claw clasps are pretty easy to operate. They open and close easily using only one hand. As a result, this might be a good option to consider. 


So, there you go. Your 2020 guide to choosing a silver Cuban chain. Now that you know all you should, it’s time to go shopping. And we’re delighted to say we’ve got the perfect collection for you.

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