Cheap Men's Ring: 5 Best Men's Rings to Buy Under £30 in 2021

Men have been wearing rings since before the 8th century BC. In ancient times, Egyptian men wore rings for personal identification and also as a signature. These rings were similar to present-time signet rings and would be pressed into ink or wax to stamp one’s seal of approval.

A similar trend was also present in Medieval and Renaissance Britain. Signet rings were used for political identification and even indicated professional rank, job type, and social class.

These days, there an increasing emphasis on men’s fashion and accessories. It’s no wonder the 21st-century man feels the need to find his own unique sense of style. From bold wedding bands to leather bracelets, the modern man can experiment with different looks till he finds the perfect one to show off his fashion prowess. And men's rings have once again become the trend.

Like every other type of jewellery, rings come in various styles, colours, and materials. You’ll find wedding bands, signet rings, and even rings made for your little finger. The most common rings are usually made from either gold or silver. However, you’ll also find high-end rings made from other precious metals like rose, white, or yellow gold, and even platinum.

Trying to decide what finger to wear a ring on can be almost as difficult as deciding where to get a tattoo. Some people believe that there’s a basic set of rules when it comes to ring-wearing. For instance, only your wedding ring should go on your ring finger, and signet rings should be worn on the little finger.

But forget about those rules. Simply measure your fingers, try on a few, and go for any finger that feels comfortable. Similarly, with so many options, shopping for the perfect men’s ring can be long and gruelling. Luckily you have this guide. Here you’ll find men’s rings that are not only affordable but also stylish as well.

These rings are basically designed for cosmetic purposes and range from classic and simple to very stylized and unique. You’ll be sure to find something that suits your particular style. Let's get into it! The top 5 best men’s rings under £30 in 2021.

5 Best Men's Rings to Buy

#1: Men's Band Ring

This ring’s sleek low profile design is great for guys who want to wear a ring without looking too flashy. Most men would feel comfortable wearing something this simple.

With its 8mm band, bevelled edges, and fine finish, this ring has a subtle charm to it. It’s perfect for men who work with their hands and need a nickel-free ring. It can also serve as an affordable wedding band for any guy.

It's made from stainless steel, which is most likely the most popular alternative metal you'll find men's rings in. It’s 100% nickel-free, doesn’t fade, lose colour, or tarnish.

#2: Black Polished Signet Ring - Gold

This men’s ring is minimal and yet stylish. Signet rings are generally popular among organizations and clubs. They signify status and a rite of passage.

This particular signet ring looks like it features a shiny black stone like onyx, but it doesn’t. It’s simply an enamel-painted surface and not a stone. So if you're in search of a signet ring with a genuine stone, this isn't it. 

However, this ring is beautifully crafted, particularly since it looks like a stone. The black detailing also gives it an antique look. The black polished signet ring is made from stainless steel and enamel. Completely nickel-free and durable. It also comes in various sizes. And comes in silver as well.

#3: Cuban Link - Silver

This ring is not your average men's ring, but it's also not over-the-top flashy either. The band looks like a chain-link fence to go around the finger with modern design and style.

Made from strong and durable stainless steel, it’s not completely hypoallergenic, but you’ll only react to it if you have severe skin sensitivity.

It is casual and sophisticated and could make a nice wedding ring while keeping that edgy look. The beautiful thing about this ring is that it's differently shaped than your regular run-of-the-mill men's band, but it's still not over the top either.

It's 100% nickel-free, available in various sizes, and comes in a beautiful Twisted Pendant jewellery box. If you want something that's a bit more flashy, it also has a gold counterpart.

#4: Spinner Band Ring - Silver

This is a very popular style of men's rings, so it's a common, durable choice for both men's wedding bands and men's rings.

The ring consists of two rings, one is the main band of the ring, and the other is made to serve as the inlay of another ring. The chain can move independently of the main band. So if you like to fidget with your hands, this ring is terrific to do that with.

The spinner band ring also has an edgy sense of style while still maintaining a classy look. This, of course, makes it perfect for both casual and formal occasions. The ring is made from stainless steel and is offered in a variety of sizes. It's completely silver, but you can also go for the black spinner band ring

As expected, the ring is nickel-free, doesn’t fade, lose colour, or tarnish. It also comes in a Twisted Pendant jewellery pouch, making it a great gift option.

#5: Fire Opal Ring

This unique men's ring is a silver band ring with a blue opal shell. With its 8mm band, this ring combines various colours - blue, green, purple, and orange. It's very stylish and guys love the play on colours which does make it look fiery - hence the name. 

It's not so colourful that it takes away the masculinity of the ring. It's subtle enough to be masculine and very fashionable. This fire opal ring is offered in a variety of sizes and is durable and 100 percent nickel-free.

There you have it! The top 5 best men’s rings under £30 in 2021. Did you find something that fits your personal style? Maybe you're in search of something more daring and extravagant? Well, here are a few honourable mentions.

St Michael Sovereign Ring - Gold

This statement ring is definitely an attention-grabbing ring. With medallion engraving on the front and sides, it's perfect for guys who can't get enough of the medieval times. A little on the heavy side, this ring is made from stainless steel and gold plating materials. It's available in various sizes and comes in silver too.

Snake Ring - Silver

As simple as this looks, you may not want to use this men's ring as a wedding band. It's casual and yet edgy. The ring is very detailed, from the head to the scaly-lined band. Even if you're not a fan of the design, you can't deny the craftsmanship.

Sword Ring - Silver

This ring is unique, simple, and sure to draw some attention. Designed from stainless steel with a polished finish, the detailing is incredible. Available in various sizes, it comes in a beautiful Twisted Pendant jewellery pouch.

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