Cheap Bracelets: Best Men's Bracelets to Buy Under £25 in 2021

It is amazing to know that bracelets have always been worn for centuries. At one time, bracelets were seen as having a mystical undertone. They were also a means of marking social class.  

However, in the world we live in today, bracelets have transformed over time to simply become a fashion accessory, an adornment that evokes a simple yet elegant fashion statement.

As a man, you always want to create a lasting impression on anyone you meet.  You want something that brings you back to the mind of someone you meet, whether it's a business colleague or a love interest. A bracelet can easily fulfil all these goals if you choose one carefully. With the right one, you can make whatever statement you want to be associated with.

A golden or silver bracelet could be an indication of class. A leather one could elicit a feeling of street credibility, giving you that manly demeanour. Whatever the style, men's bracelets are a subtle but strong fashion trend that lingers in people's minds.

Now, when trying to decide on a bracelet to buy, there are several things you should consider. You want to consider your own personal sense of style and your wrist size. Most importantly, you want to consider your budget. You definitely want something that is fancy has great quality, and at the same time affordable. 

10 Best Men's Bracelets

Trying to find all these can be a long and difficult process. That's why in this guide, we've selected the top 10 best men's bracelets to buy under £25 in 2021.

#1: Silver Cuban Curb Bracelet

This type of bracelet gives that aura of masculinity and street cred. It's comfortable and stylish and definitely won't irritate your wrist.

It will serve as the perfect icing on the cake of your casual wear. Nonetheless, you can wear it for any occasion, casual or formal. With a strong lobster clasp, this bracelet won't be falling off your wrist anytime soon.

It's made from 316L stainless steel and silver plating. It's definitely going to be with you for the long haul.

#2: Gold Cuban Curb Bracelet

This bracelet is intricately designed to elicit elegance. It's certainly the epitome of masculinity and strength. It has both style and poise, offering wearers a traditional piece that can only get better with age.

Whether you're going casual or corporate, this is a great accessory to finish off your look. Made from 316L stainless steel, it's durable and is guaranteed to never lose its colour or fade.

It also comes in different sizes and since it's unisex, it'll make a great his and hers - couple bracelets. You can also decide to combine it with a similar-looking Cuban link chain.

#3: Silver Figaro Bracelet

This graceful and stylish bracelet is exquisitely made to wrap around your wrist comfortably. It's bold and unique enough to be attention-grabbing, but it's also subtle enough that it's not flashy and overbearing. This makes it perfect for both corporate and casual wear.  

#4: Gold Figaro Bracelet

These bracelets can be so delicately crafted that they help you stand out from the crowd. With its elegance and rich colour, it proves that you're confident and trendy. You're definitely going to make a lasting impression with this one.

Made from stainless steel and 18K gold PVD plating, this bracelet isn't going to lose its shine anytime soon. This bracelet is available in two lengths: 19 cm and 22 cm. 

#5: Silver Paper Clip Bracelet

This bracelet is stylish, unique, and exudes confidence. This custom bracelet is definitely perfect if you're on the lookout for a less subtle bracelet. It was designed to accent everything from professional dress attire to casual, everyday outfits.

You can combine this with a Cuban link bracelet for an even edgier look.  This 6mm bracelet is made of stainless steel and comes in a beautiful Twisted pendant jewellery box.

#6: Gold Twisted Rope Bracelet

This stylish bracelet is a twist on the curb chain bracelet. It has so much finesse and radiates class and a high sense of trendy fashion. Carefully and intricately designed, the gold twisted rope bracelet carries a beauty and sparkle that catches the eye.

Adorning this gold twisted bracelet takes your attire on a whole new level. It exudes confidence and is sure to leave a great impression on anyone you come across. Made from 316L stainless steel and 18K gold PVD plating, this bracelet is durable and guaranteed to never fade or lose its shine. 

#7: Silver Thin Curb Bracelet

If you in search of something simple that covertly draws attention, then this bracelet is for you. This artistically simple bracelet just exudes cool, calm, and collected. 

The beauty of the silver thin curb bracelet lies in its simplicity. It makes your wrist look uncrowded. This simple bracelet is the perfect accessory to accentuate any outfit where consistency is crucial. It helps to add a finishing touch without garnering so much attention. It's definitely great for formal wear. 

#8: Gold Thin Cuban Bracelet

This lovely bracelet, like its silver counterpart, has a minimalist appearance. However, with its rich colour, this gold thin Cuban bracelet stands out and doesn't fade into the background. All while remaining subtle. It portrays you as cool-headed and reserved, as well as trendy and fashionable.

A thin strap around your wrist, this bracelet is comfortable and doesn't overburden the wrist. It is the perfect choice for someone who loves things to be simple and classy. This exquisite bracelet comes in various lengths and is made from 316L stainless steel and gold plating, making it both durable and classy.

#9: Gold Figaro Bracelet

This is a charmingly playful bracelet that passes you off as being friendly and approachable. 

The Figaro chain design adds a contemporary edge that also allows the gold links to sit flat on your wrist.

Comfortable to wear, with a sparkle that's sure to draw attention, this 5mm bracelet goes with all kinds of outfits. It comes in various lengths and in an elegant Twisted Pendant jewellery box.

#10: White Iced Cuban Bracelet

Now, this bracelet is a little over budget at £74. Okay, it's a lot over the budget. However, we couldn't round off this list without pointing out this beautiful bracelet.

If all the above bracelets were too simple and subtle for your taste, this is definitely the bracelet for you. 

The white iced Cuban bracelet sparkles and radiates in a way that will certainly garner some attention. It exudes affluence, confidence, and strength. It's a great bracelet to display your social status.

This bold bracelet may not be for everyone, but if you're brave enough to don this elegant accessory, you can be sure that it'll become a fan favourite. Additionally, if you're wearing a low-profile outfit, it gives just the right amount of "oomph."

Well, that's it, guys! You now know the top 10 best men's bracelets to buy under £25 in 2021.

Among all the bracelets we've mentioned, you can easily decide which fits your fashion sense, lifestyle, and personality. Sure, bracelets tend to be overlooked, but they do add beauty and a unique sense of style to your outfits. 

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