Men's Jewelry: 10 Best Men’s Jewellery to Wear in 2021

Jewellery has been worn for hundreds and thousands of years. It has become such a part of our dress culture that it often constitutes the final touch that spices up any attire. Your dressing may even appear bland without these ornaments.

Jewellery isn't a luxury reserved for just women though. Today, men also see it as an essential part of their dressing. It has become a fashion statement that everyone is trying to make. As a fashionable man, you don't want to be left out of this trend. You want to find the right kind of jewellery that looks great on you. 

Choosing the right kind of jewellery is very important as it always makes a statement to the people you come across. It can describe your personality without you having to say a word. Apart from this, wearing the right piece of jewellery can give you the confidence you need, wherever you are.

You can choose to take on the minimal approach by donning a single piece of jewellery. Or you could try a different combination of two or more pieces of jewellery. Your choice would depend on your outfit, and sometimes even on your mood.

That's why it's great to have a collection of jewellery. This way, you have an array of options to select from. You could sport a tee and jeans and mix it up with a pendant and a signet. Or it could just be a single chain worn over a t-shirt and a jacket. This will take the ordinariness out of wearing those attire alone.

10 Best Men’s Jewellery to Wear

So, if you're on the hunt for the best men's jewellery to wear in 2021, you're in the right place. Let's look at some of the trendy jewellery that will help you stand out from the crowd this season.

#1: Black and Gold Onyx Pendant

This pendant was carefully designed using cuts from real black onyx stone. This pendant blends perfectly well with casual and corporate wear. It's classy, sophisticated, and minimal. Perfect for guys who want to keep their jewellery low-key.

You can combine this piece of jewellery with a gold thick Cuban chain. This black onyx pendant is guaranteed not to fade nor irritate the skin. It is 100% nickel-free. 

#2: Dragon Tiger Pendant- Silver

This stylish piece of jewellery is forged to draw attention. It is an animated and expressive piece of jewellery. The design of this piece of jewellery is also symbolic. The tiger embodies purpose and patience while the dragon represents fiery and destruction. Together, they complement one another to create a balance, a yin-yang energy. 

This pendant is a great conversation starter, particularly when someone asks what your pendant signifies. Sporting this jewellery leaves you implanted in the mind of someone meeting you for the first time. It gives the impression of being bold and fearless. 

The pendant works great with a casual outfit. You can throw in the snake ring silver for a more edgy look. The Dragon Tiger Pendant is made from stainless steel and silver plating.  It is trusted to never fade or lose colour.

#3: Compass Ring - Silver

This ring has a compass on its face. It is elaborately designed to give a sense of masculinity. It externalizes the feeling of being strong and fearless, implanting confidence in the wearer.

For symbolism, you could even say that with this ring wrapped around your finger, you will always find your way. 

The Compass Ring is crafted from stainless steel and is 100% nickel-free. It also comes in different sizes for all types of fingers.

#4: Saint Christopher Ring - Silver

Saint Christopher Ring is a large-faced, heavy-weighted ring with a surface width of 20mm. This ring is definitely designed to make you stand out. No one can overlook this bling. 

It marks you out as someone religious. It has a drawing and an inscription saying 'SAINT CHRISTOPHER PROTECT US’. You can wear this with different attires, and it's great for casual occasions. You can twin this jewellery with a Saint Christopher Pendant. This ring is available in different sizes.

#5: White Gold Iced Cuban Chain (12MM)

This chain is a 12mm chain, solid plated with brass and white Gold, having a stone type of 5A cubic Zirconia. This chain is specially crafted to give that blinding flashiness. It's a fashion statement that easily draws people's attention. It gives the impression of affluence and marks social status. It gives you a strong and confident presence. 

You can pair this jewellery with a White Gold Ice Cuban Chain Ring for a completely iced out and shiny look. You can bank on this piece of jewellery not to tarnish or irritate your skin. Each of the stones is strongly held in place by 4 prongs ensuring that they don't fall out. So you can also be certain of its durability.

#6: Silver Cuban Chain (5MM)

This is a 5mm thick chain having a super-strong lobster clasp. Made from stainless steel, this piece adds that glamorous look to your overall appearance. You can wear this with casual or corporate wear.

It comes in three different sizes so you can wear it alone, as a choker, or paired with a pendant. Size 16" is the custom length. The Size 18" 45.7m is ideal as a choker layered with a longer chain. The Size 20" 50.8cm can be worn regularly on its own. Finally, size 22", 55.8cm is the perfect size to combine with a pendant. 

#7: 14k Huggie Hoop Golden Earrings (15MM)

This 12mm pair of earrings are plated with a 14k gold finish. It is plated 5 times to ensure that it maintains that same shine for a long time. The earring hangs below the ear creating a stylish and elegant look.

If you are the kind of guy who loves studs and earrings then this jewellery piece is for you. It is a simple and elegant style, suitable for both casual and corporate wear. You can merge this jewellery with a Gold Thin Cuban Chain for a sleeker look.

#8: 14k Gold Wing Earring

This is a 925 sterling silver gold wing dangle combined with a 15mm hoop. This design embodies charm, giving you a dashing look. You can combine this earring with a Gold Rope Chain for an even more graceful appearance. 

This earring comes in singles and pairs. So you can get only one piece if that’s your style or get a pair. 

#9: Gold Twisted Rope Bracelet

This bracelet is a strong combination made out of 316L stainless steel plated with 18k gold to give it an enduring and durable shine. This is an intricately styled bracelet that’s brilliant but not overbearing. 

This bracelet is nickel-free and doesn't cause skin irritation. You can also be sure that it won’t lose its colour or shine. 

#10: Gold Thin Cuban Curb Bracelet

This 1.5mm gold-plated bracelet chain is made out of stainless steel and has a powerful clasp. It is easy, comfortable to wear, and does not overburden the wrist. 

This bracelet blends with both your casual and corporate wear. You can wear it at any time to any place on any occasion. You can create a perfect mix by combining it with a Gold Screw Ring. This bracelet is completely nickel-free thereby not irritating to the skin. It neither fades nor loses its shine.

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