Men Wearing Bracelets: How to Wear & Style Men's Bracelets

Men's bracelets have been worn for years and have in one way or another remained in vogue to this day. They can add personality and character to your outfit, bringing it to life. Men's bracelets add a flair and elegance that may be missing without them. 

A well-chosen bracelet is there as a noticed accent to your outfit. It’s not the centerpiece, but it definitely gives you a distinct look. However, it’s one thing to get a bracelet, and it’s another to wear and style it right.

When wearing bracelets, you don’t want to look like you just raided a woman’s jewellery box. You want bracelets that are stylish yet masculine. You want the kind that’ll boost your style cred, not make you a laughing stock. As such, be sure to avoid bracelets that have pendants or charms, particularly in a chunky, oversized style.

Every bracelet has an attire that it blends with. You need to know the right bracelet to wear with an outfit. Going for the wrong choice can take away from your style, rather than add to it. 

We know wearing and styling men’s bracelets the right way can seem difficult. So here’s our men’s bracelet-wearing guide.

Major things to consider when picking a bracelet

#1: The size of the bracelet

To ensure that your bracelet adds to your overall appearance, make sure that the size is perfect for you. You don't want a bracelet that’s loose-fitting or oversized. It could fall off at any time. Similarly, a tight bracelet can be uncomfortable and leave marks on your skin.

You could see a beautiful bracelet online and, without any ado, place an order. Only to receive it and realize that you didn't consider the size. And so you wear it and find that it's not as attractive as what you saw on the net. 

To avoid making this mistake, make inquiries about the various sizes a bracelet comes in before buying it. This way, you’ll pick a bracelet you like that wraps gracefully around your wrist. Most of our bracelets at Twisted Pendant come in different sizes. For instance, this shiny-looking Silver Cuban Curb bracelet comes in 16.5cm/6.5”, 19cm/7.4”, and 22cm/8.7”.

#2: The material of the bracelet

The next thing to look out for is the material of the bracelet. Men’s bracelets can be made from several materials. There are gold chain bracelets, silver chain bracelets, wooden bracelets, leather bracelets, and so on. Picking which one to wear all comes down to your preference and your style of dressing. 

Some bracelets go with a specific outfit. If you’re more of a corporate guy, wearing suits and ties regularly, you should wear a bracelet that’s metallic with an upscale look. On the other hand, if you’re usually in tropical shirts and wrap pants, you could go for rope, leather, and bead kinds of bracelets. 

Each of these different materials has a way of accentuating your dress sense if properly chosen. Of course, some bracelets like the Gold Thin Bracelet and the Silver Figaro Bracelet go with any kind of outfit, corporate or casual. You can call these kinds of bracelets universal bracelets. 

#3: The outfit you will be wearing the bracelet on

The type of outfit you’re wearing can determine the choice of bracelet. Sure there are bracelets that go with any kind of outfit. However, some bracelets are more suited for a certain kind of attire. A leather bracelet, for example, goes really well with a casual outfit. 

Combining a leather bracelet with casual wear exudes ruggedness and masculinity. While you may also want to appear cool and rugged in office wear, a leather bracelet may be too casual a choice.

Instead, you can rock your corporate wear with a minimalist, stylish bracelet. You could go for a nice metallic bracelet like this Gold Twisted Rope Bracelet. It’s a great fashion choice and gets you positive reviews. 

It’s always better to have a collection of bracelets consisting of various styles and materials. That way, you can switch it up whenever the occasion calls for it.

#4: The event you will be attending

You won’t wear the same attire you wear to your office to the club. Club outfits generally require an iced-out look. You want to look cool, slightly edgy, and stylish. In simple terms, you want some bling like this White Gold Iced Cuban Bracelet Chain.

This might not go so well if you’re attending a business interview. You want something minimal, trendy, and sophisticated. You probably would want something like the Silver Twisted Rope Bracelet.  

Combining Bracelets With Other Accessories

As a trendy, fashionable man, you don’t have to limit yourself to only bracelets. You can combine your bracelets with other accessories. Most times, men like to combine their bracelets with their wristwatches. Some like to wear each on separate hands while others prefer to wear both the bracelet and the wristwatch on one hand.

Both options are okay. However, each requires its own kind of bracelets. If you like wearing your bracelet on one hand and your wristwatch on another, you want a bold bracelet. That way, your bracelet doesn’t get lost in your outfit. The silver Cuban bracelet is a perfect example of the kind of bracelet you want.

On the other hand, you may prefer to wear both your bracelet and wristwatch on the same hand. In that case, you should go with the minimalist approach in your choice of bracelet. 

You don’t want a bracelet that’s competing in size with your wristwatch. You also don’t want both items to clash and become overbearing in style. You want a bracelet like the Silver Thin Curb Bracelet. Also, when combining a wristwatch and a bracelet, you should wear the bracelet first, followed by the wristwatch.

Now, you can also decide to combine two different bracelets to create something new. You can combine leather bracelets and bead bracelets for a casual, rock and roll look. You can combine various metallic bracelets, too, for that iced-out style.

When combining metallic bracelets, you can combine a bold and minimalist one if you still want to downplay the look. For instance, combining the Gold Figaro Bracelet and the Gold Thin Cuban Bracelet just gives that 'wow' effect while not being over the top.

Also, you can style up your bracelets with rings. The classic way to do this is to wear the ring on the same hand the bracelet is on. These two pieces of jewellery are enough to give a lively spice to your overall outfit. Try combining the Gold Cuban Bracelet 3mm with a Black Polished Signet Gold Ring to give you the air of an affluent, confident man. 

The beauty of a bracelet lies in how you wear it. Thankfully you now know some of the dos and don’ts.

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