8 Types of Chain Necklaces Every Jewellery Lover Must Know!

8 Types of Chain Necklaces Every Jewellery Lover Must Know

There is no doubt about it: buying a necklace is a serious affair. There are several options available for you to choose from, and things can get overwhelming, making it tough to settle on one.

Additionally, not all designs may be a good fit for you. For this reason, it is essential to arm yourself with adequate knowledge before deciding on a chain necklace. 

In this article, we discuss 8 types of chain necklaces every jewellery lover must know, using the following criteria:

  • Description
  • Strength
  • How easy they will be to fix when they need repairs

8 different types of chain necklaces

1. Cuban Chain 

The cuban chain design is simple and classic, consisting of links that interlock when they close flat. The closely interlocking uniform links come together at two distinct grooves. The Cuban chain is a popular variation of the curb chain necklace, and there are many other variants of curb chains with unique finishing. They include rounded curb, open curb, close curb, concave curb, square curb, flat curb, diamond cut curb, pave curb, to name a few.

The strength of the curb chain

Curb chains are strong & durable. The interlocking links and thicker style creates a stronger connection which is less likely to break during exercise or when being caught on something - a great choice if you intend on adding a pendant to the chain.

Cuban Chain in action

The cuban chain is very versatile. Available in many lengths and thicknesses, the cuban chain can be worn as a choker, a minimalist dainty chain or a statement piece. 

2. Figaro Chain  

The Figaro chain has its roots in Italy, where it was first created, and it gets its name from the title character in a famous Italian opera, The Barber of Seville. The Figaro chain's unique design is a significant reason for its popularity, as it has an alternating design of flattened oval links in contrasting sizes. It is a variation of the curb chain and fancier than a cable chain. It has a pattern of one large link followed by two to three shorter links of the same size. 

The strength of the Figaro chain

Figaro chains are usually made of thick wire, so they are solid and durable. Check out this figaro chain for a thin option & this one for a statement choker figaro chain.

When a Figaro chain needs repair

Figaro chains are easy to fix if a link is broken. However, its unique design means that you cannot simply remove a link. Doing so will throw off the pattern; instead, replace it or repair it. 

3. Rope Chain 

The rope chain is made up of links connected tightly in twos or threes in a twisting pattern to look like an actual rope. The links may be made of gold or some other precious metal segments. The twisting rope pattern of the rope chain makes it an eye-catching necklace that reflects light beautifully from all angles. 

Its design makes it a solid necklace that works well with pendants. Thinner rope chains work well with pendants, while thicker ones work best without pendants. 

The strength of the rope chain

The twisting pattern of rope chains makes them one of the most durable chains in the market. They are very strong and don't come apart easily. However, they will slowly stretch and lengthen over time with constant wear, but the degree of stretching is dependent on the thickness of the rope. 

When a rope chain needs repair

These chains will need to be sent to the jeweller to be fixed.

4. Snake Chain 

Snake chains are made from tightly connected plates to form a snakeskin design. They are a variation of herringbone and omega chains and have a smooth round zig-zag pattern. 

Herringbone chains are flat necklaces that have v-shaped links in interchanging directions. Omega chains are similarly designed but are made from flat pieces in a curved design.

Snake chainrings are tightly wound with one another in a way that you can only notice them up close. The result is a chain that is so flexible, it moves with the likeness of a snake. 

Snake chains have a great-looking texture, and they work really well with pendants.

Check out some snake chain examples here.

The strength of snake chains

They are a bit delicate, so you have to be careful handling them.

When snake chains need repairs

The design of snake chains makes them a tad challenging to fix when they break. So, your best approach is to try to keep them from breaking as much as possible.

5. Cable Chain 

The classic appearance and durability of the cable chain make it one of the most popular chain necklaces for men. They are one of the oldest types of chains and are made from connecting oval links, and they resemble iron chains used for anchoring ships. Cable chains can be round or flattened, but their links are usually of the same size and connected one by one. Though they are eye-catching, they make better statements when paired with pendants. 

The strength of the cable chain

The simple design of cable chains makes them very reliable, as they don’t easily break. 

When the cable chain needs repair

Cable chains are an easy fix for any jeweller, so don't panic if it breaks or one of the links becomes misshapen.

6. Marine Chain/Anchor Chain 

The marine chain is a very durable chain inspired by anchor chains used on ships, and it’s an excellent option for sea lovers and jewellery lovers who want a necklace for a lifetime. It has interlocking oval links that have horizontal bars directly down their centres. The oval links interlock like cable chains and lie flat like curb chains. Marine chains look great when worn either with pendants or without. 

The strength of the marine chain

The marine chain necklace is one of the strongest chain necklaces.

When marine chains need repair

Marine chains are easy to fix.

7. Wheat Chain 

A wheat chain, also called a Spiga chain, is made using four strands of twisted oval links. The oval links are plaited together in the same direction and look like tips of wheat stalks. They are often used with pendants. 

The strength of the wheat chain

Wheat chains are pretty strong, provided that their links are not hollow. 

When wheat chains need repairs

Wheat chains may be a bit challenging to fix, as the ease of fixing a wheat chain depends on what metal it is made of. 

8. Box Chain 

They have a boxy appearance because they have square links instead of the round links typical with other chain necklaces. Also, they come in various widths and work very well with pendants. 

The strength of the box chain

The strength of the box chain is dependent on its width. The wider it is, the stronger it will be. The thinner ones tend to break more easily. 

When a box chain needs repairs

It is easy to fix a box chain as you can either replace a faulty link or remove it altogether. Either way, the design of the chain won't be affected. 

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