What Necklace Length Should You Buy? 16, 18, 22 or 24-inch Necklace?

 Your choice of necklace length depends mainly on your reason for wearing a necklace. Whether you just want the personal satisfaction of knowing there is a necklace around your neck, or you want to make a public fashion statement, your reasons will significantly affect your chosen necklace length. 

Necklaces come in different lengths for men, ranging from 16 inches, which is the shortest, to 30 inches, the longest in the market. Your choice of whether to buy a 16, 18, or 22-inch necklace depends on several factors. However, the standard length is 20 inches for most men's necklaces. It falls at the collar bone and between the top two buttons on a button-down shirt and can be worn both inside and outside the shirt. 

This article discusses all you need to know about men’s necklace lengths and what factors you should consider when choosing the right necklace length for you. 

Different necklace lengths are available. 

A necklace length defines the exact position the necklace will fall on a man’s body in the absence of a pendant attached to it. Necklaces come in different lengths, and they are: 

16-18” necklaces  

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They are the shortest chain necklaces, and they fall around the base of the neck or right under the Adam’s apple, where they create a choker-like effect. If you want your entire necklace to be visible, this length is an excellent option for you. However, most adult men shy away from this length because they find it tight and highly uncomfortable. This said, younger men or men with smaller necks will find this length fitting comfortably at the bases of their necks, and they typically wear them without pendants. 

20-inch necklace 

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20-inch necklaces are the most common in men's necklaces. They fall at the collarbone, somewhere between the first and second buttons on a button-down shirt. If you have a round neck measurement of 17 inches, a 19 to 20-inch necklace will be great for you. You may choose to wear it inside or outside your shirt. Also, the length is great for pendants, and it will work well for any outfit you pair with it, e.g. round-collared shirts, button-down shirts, and even the average V-neck shirt – here is a classic example of how a 20” chain can look great with a pendant.  

22-inch necklace  

The 22-inch necklace is the second most common length for men. It falls a few inches below the collarbone and works great with pendants such as cross pendants, dog tags, or any other pendant of choice. Using a button-down shirt as a reference, it falls just under the second button of the shirt and is perfect for men looking for necklaces they can wear outside the shirt. Of course, depending on your reason for choosing it, you can also wear it under your shirt. Check out this classic combo of the 22” with a pendant 

24-inch necklace  

24-inch necklaces fall at the middle of the sternum, or a few inches above the sternum, depending on the wearer’s height. They are majorly worn over shirts, with or without pendants.  

30-inch necklace  

The 30-inch necklace is the longest of the standard men’s necklaces. It falls far below the chest and is designed to be worn over the shirt. However, while worn over the shirt, it should not be worn with a pendant. 

36-inch necklace  

It is an unusual and, thus, non-standard length for men's necklaces. The extra-long length means it falls far down the chest and is more often worn in a double-strand style. The style calls for the necklace to be wrapped around the neck such that it is worn as a double strand shorter necklace.  

Factors that influence the choice of necklace length 

  1. Your style goal 

Do you want to grab attention with your necklace? How much attention do you want it to grab? Your answers to these questions are crucial in determining the perfect necklace length for you.  

  1. How will you be wearing your necklace? 

This is the second half of the above question. Will you be wearing it over your shirt or underneath it? Knowing this will help you to decide not only the necklace length but also its width.   

  1. Will you be wearing more than one? 

This also goes back to your style goal and how much of a statement you are looking to make. If you are wearing more than one, you need to decide how many you want and how to layer them. The rule of thumb is that when layering necklaces, choose two to three necklaces of varying textures, width and length.  

  1. The size of your neck 

The circumference of your neck is crucial in determining your necklace length unless you are opting for a long chain. If that's the case, you don't need to bother about your neck circumference. However, when measuring your neck, you may want to add an inch or two to the circumference to make it more comfortable.  

  1. Your body type and face shape 

These two are probably the best guides for you in determining whether to go for a 16, 18, or 22-inch necklace. It is essential to consider your height when choosing a necklace length. For example, a short person should not wear a long chain as long chains give the illusion of overwhelming the person. A short person in this regard refers to a person who is not taller than 5’4”, and the ideal necklace length should be between 16 to 20 inches. A taller person may opt for a longer chain. 

Similarly, a person's face shape plays a vital role in determining necklace lengths. Generally, you should choose a necklace whose length and width will bring out your facial features. The following are common face shapes with the best chain lengths for them. 

  • A Round-shaped face will not work well with 16, or 18-inch necklaces. So the least you should go for is 20 inches. 
  • An oval-shaped face will work with any chain length.  
  • A long face will work perfectly with a short-chain. 
  • A heart-faced shape will also blend well with a short-chain.  

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