5 Best Men's Chains To Buy Under £100

Whether you’re looking to add subtle class to your outfit or make a big statement - Chains are a must have fixture for any man of style. A quality Men's chain is a timeless fashion accessory - lasts a lifetime and can be layered with different jewellery to always keep up with Men’s Fashion trends.

While Men's chains have been notably more popular over recent years. Finding the correct chain can be a challenge. Choosing the right length & width can be just as important as the Chain style itself. That's why we have put together a guide to help you understand each chain style & how to wear these chains to add the perfect amount of Spice to your outfit.

While jewellery is known for being more expensive, it doesn’t have to be. The list we have put together features Mens Chains That are affordable, only use premium Quality materials & are 100% guaranteed to never Fade or irritate your skin.

best mens chains to buy

Choosing the perfect men's chain, can be personal- depending on your style & budget. Here is a list of 5 Mens Chains, under £100.

1. The Curb Chain Necklace

curb chain necklace for men

The Curb Chain is a classic in chain styles, consisting of flat laying interlocking links - known for its simplicity. Number 1 on the list, this chain offers minimalism & Statement styles. Available in 1.5mm, 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 12mm & 13mm. There is an option for every occasion. Whether you are looking for a subtle look, the 1.5mm & 3mm offer a fine, thin finish. Barely there & hardly noticeable, yet completing your outfit. 

curb chain necklace

The thinner chains Look better in a longer length. Anything from a 20” onwards.. The 3mm is available from £18.99.

For when it's time to Go Big or Go Home...

For that statement piece, the 8mm, 12mm & 13mm have you covered. Usually worn as a Mens choker Chain (18”). This piece is perfect for layering with other Chains & Pendants. A chain of this style is about turning heads and raising eyebrows. The centrepiece of your outfit, the thicker curb chains do all the talking for you.

men's curb chain necklace

The 12MM shown above is the perfect statement Piece. The silver, complemented with silver rings & bracelets offer a simple Statement piece which is impossible to miss. And of course, the black and gold combo, has and will always be a winner. The 8mm is a cheaper option at £20.99 & the 12MM is £26.99 

rope chain necklace for men

2. The Rope Chain Necklace

rope chain necklace for men

The Rope Chain is without doubt, one of the most popular  Mens chain necklaces. Consisting of small links - forming a Twisted / Rope styled Pattern. This chain is one of the most durable chains due to its Twisted style.  Making this the perfect Chain to attach a pendant to. Made from 316L Stainless steel with a Gold / Silver Plating. This chain is durable and 100% guaranteed to never fade, a perfect lifetime, timeless jewellery accessory. Available in 2.5mm or 5mm. 

rope chain necklaces

One of the best price chains on the list. The 2.5mm rope chain is available from: £17.99. The 5mm Rope chain is available from: £18.99. A cheaper, quality choice for your jewellery collection or the perfect chain gift. 

5mm Chains are the middle between Thick and thin chains. It's an excellent choice of chain if you already have some layer necklaces to combine with it. The Brutalist design of the chain gives a very industrial feel to the chain at this thickness; again perfect for a statement piece amongst an array of silver jewellery pieces.

men chain necklace

3. The Figaro Chain Necklace

figaro chain necklace

The Figaro Chain. Much like the loved Curb Chain, Figaro chain has flat-laying links, however the Figaro has a larger gap & a longer oval link after every third link. Figaro chains are sophisticated & classic, perfect for layering with or without a pendant. For this chain, An 18” / 20” is recommended. This offers a subtle and elegant dash of class without overdoing it.

The 18" looks best worn on a plain t-shirt without a pendant.

figaro chain necklace for men

Barely there & hardly noticeable, yet completing your outfit. This 18” 3mm Siver Figaro Chain is: £17.99.

The elegant & subtle Design makes the Figaro Chain your go to necklace for everyday wear. On a longer length eg the 20” / 22”, the chain can be combined with a pendant & this is often a standard  for pendants that are sold with chains. The Figaro chain is available in Gold & silver.A Gold  Figaro is the perfect summer time necklace. Finished in 18K the gold Figaro chain is: £18.99. A Quality affordable, long lasting chain, with a unique chain link design.

men's figaro chain necklace

A classic combination: the Figaro & compass Pendant. This 22” figaro chain is £17.99

Whether you prefer silver or gold- that’s up to you. One thing is for sure, the figaro chain is an essential for your everyday jewellery collection.

4. 8mm Cuban Chain

The 8mm Cuban Chain is loved and worn worldwide. A favourite for those looking for a choker chain. Thick, classic & Timeless. The same as the curb Chain this piece has flat laying interlocking links, connected together with a lobster clasp. This Chain is available as 18” / 20” / 22” length  in 18k Gold plated / Silver Plating.

cuban chain

On the left, the 18” Choker Styled Chain for Men

On the Right, the three length chain options.

8mm Silver cuban is: £20.99

Choose your preferred length from the style above. We like to combine the 22” with a shorter thick chain for a silver layered look as seen in many streetwear styles. We recommend the 18” Chain For a thick Choker style Neck Chain. However you rock this chain, its Perfect for layering & ideal for that stand alone statement piece. Also Available in Gold.

men's cuban chain

On the left, the 18” Choker Style, layered with a Pendant Necklace. 

On the Right, the three length chain options.

8mm Silver cuban is: £21.99

5. Box Chain Necklaces 

Box Chains are thin, durable chains made of fine square box connecting links. The fineness of this chain is not found unlike any other; tight squares are uniform and detailed yet almost unnoticeable. A chain for those wanting a jewellery piece without the attention- perfect for adding a meaningful pendant or Dog-tags & even a medallion. Strong, Timeless & unique. A classic feature to this list.

1.5mm Thin & available in 18” / 20” / 22”

box chain necklace

20” 1.5mm Box Chain Silver: £18.99

The 20” just slightly hangs below the collar bone making this chain not too tight or too loose.

Also Available in Gold: 

box chain necklace for men

20” 1.5mm Box Chain Gold: £19.99


Men's chains come in all shapes & sizes. One thing that should never be lower than expected is the quality. We have selected some of our finest quality & affordable pieces to be featured in this list, 100 % Guaranteed to last.

We use 18k/ Gold Silver plating on 316L stainless steel to give you a super strong & timeless necklace chain. Whether you are looking for gold or silver Men's chains. We have the latest in mens jewellery and a great selection of chains, bracelets, pendant & rings.

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Thank you for reading.

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